Lamination machine at Evermax Eco


 What sets us apart?

Since sustainability is an important part of the Evermax culture, we developed an eco-friendly, non-solvent based Polyurethane Reactive (PUR) glue used in our lamination products. Our patent pending proprietary glue adheres to any custom selected fabric our customers may choose

Evermax Eco TPU lamination

PUR glue provides many benefits over traditional solvent-based glues.  From a consumer perspective, PUR offers a much softer hand or surface feel where the solvent based glues produce a stiffer, less flexible surface. This gives PUR products a significant advantage in products like air mattresses, sporting goods or medical products where comfort is important.  The Polyurethane Reactive glues are also a healthier alternative to solvent-based glues that have high VOC (volatile organic compounds) that are released during manufacturing and throughout their useful life. Our PUR glue contains no solvents and is not oil-based so it’s healthier for you and the environment.

Other advantages Polyurethane Reactive glues include:

• They are free of heavy metals

• They leave no residual toxic solvents behind

• Less fading of textiles during manufacturing process

Our current lamination equipment can accommodate sheets up to a width of 65″.




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